IUE 100  Academic and Social Orientation

Presentation of Administrative Units, Academic Units and Student Clubs

ING 101  English I

Basic English reading, comprehension, writing, and listening skills.

TRH 101  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. I

This course provides a general information of the events from the end of the 19. century until the end of the Turkish War of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

TRK 101  Turkish I

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. Various types of written statements will be examined through a critical point of view by doing exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing. Punctuation and spelling rules, which are basis of written statement, will be taught and accurate usage of these rules for efficient and strong expression will be provided.

RTV 101  Introduction to Communication

Definition, purpose and importance of communication, elements of communication process, forms of communication, communication models and theories.

RTV 103  Video and Sound Techniques

The implementation of audio and video technology

RTV 105  Introduction to Photography

In this course, starting from the history of the photograph, respectively, cameras, functioning and principles of operation will be examined, photography techniques, reading, photography, lighting, composition, framing and photo location in the communication process will be discussed.

RTV 107  Script Writing

In this course, the scenario concept and stages, theme and selection, dramatic structure, character building, draft history (synopsis), development (treatment), the availability of scenario thinking with segmentation and shooting script, realization of ideas, analysis and application assignments of scenario example is the course content .

RTV 109  Media Law

Comparison of Turkish and EU media laws. Protecting the identity of news resources. Protecting personal life. Laws about radio and TV broadcasting. Limitations about advertising. Copyright.

RTV 110  Cinematography

Cinema concepts and practices

ING 102  English II

General English

RTV 102  Radio TV Broadcasting

Terrestrial Television Broadcasting, Satellite Television Broadcasting, IPTV and Internet TV Broadcasting, Mobile TV Broadcasting

RTV 104  Applied Image Technics

Student will gain competencies of image editing.

RTV 106  Editing Theory and Techniques

Making video editing

RTV 108  TV Program Production

TV program design and implementation phases

TRK 102  Turkish II

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. There will be exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing; types of speeches (panel, symposium, conference, etc.) will be introduced; the student will be equipped with information on using body language, accent and intonation, and presentation techniques.

TRH 102  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. II

With special reference to the Principals of Atatürk the course will examine the philosophy of the foundation and existence of the republican regime as well as the democratic developments in secular Turkey during the twentieth century and in the era of extending globalization.

MYST 104  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

RTV 201  News Collecting and Writing

The course will focus on the concepts of journalism and journalism in general terms.

RTV 203  Radio Program Production

In this course, radio and the emergence of publishing and development of radio broadcasting systems and organizational structure, features and functions of the radio broadcast, radio program type, radio program production in the properties and construction of radio programs and materials used in the construction it will be discussed.

RTV 209  Sociology of Communication

In this course, the concepts on communication and society, sociology, basic concepts of communication, the effects of social change processes cases and information about events and mass media will be dealt with. Social means of communication in this context, the effects on society, society-communication relationship, the development of the historical process of social communication and its impact on my last text because the media of these will be discussed in a critical perspective.

RTV 211  Video Applications

Video applications will be carried out both theoretical and practical.

MYST 204  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

RTV 204  Genres and Formats in TV

Genres and formats concepts, basic and legal information on creating format.

RTV 206  Production

Basic knowledge concerning audio-visual recording devices and operating methods, basic shooting angles, framing, shooting formats, theoretical and practical phases of editing process

RTV 212  Graduation Project

Video techniques in theory and practice

RTV 214  Media and Ethics

The content of this course examines the concept of the ethical principles of professional ethics and approach, evaluates ethical issues in the media within the framework of current events.

RTV 216  Social Media

This course content evaluates both positive and negative outcomes of web 2.0 and the effects of socialization in the virtual environment within the framework of case studies.

Elective Courses

MISL 101  Business Administration I

This course is a core course that gives students the basic concepts, terminology and functions of businesses within the framework of developing world order and global economy.

MTOI 120  Introduction to Tourism Economics

Concept of economy, tourism supply, tourism demand

MTOI 220  Coaching, Leadership and Career Management

Transformation Model, Coaching and Leadership Competencies, Leadership Styles, Self Assessment Tools, Values and Leadership, Effective Expression and Story Telling Techniques, Identification and Implementation of Coaching Tools.

MUH 270  Financial Management

Having the relevant and detailed information about the financial management, the students will be able to use various methods which are useful for making financial decisions such as capital structure, working capital and investment projects. The students will also be able to analyze and evaluate the performance of the companies.

RTV 140  Basic Knowledge of Communication

Definition, purpose and importance of communication, elements of communication process, forms of communication.

RTV 215  The Art of Public Speaking

Voice, diction, speed reading

RTV 217  Sound Design

In this course, students will learn the history of sound design and development, the physical properties of sound, audio recording and editing techniques, sound effects and mixing.

RTV 220  Graphic and Animation

This course, television and theater programs for / Series / Movie as the preparation of which can be used band advertisements in publications, trailer and teaser as içeirkl to rile the theory of preparation of the video presentation of the publication of the technical and practical courses.

RTV 222  Press and Documentary Photography

Within this course, historic, theoretic, ethic and technic information about press and documentary photography will be taught to the students. In the light of these information the importance and effects of press and documentary photography will be discussed and documentary photography projects will be made.

RTV 223  Film Critisism

It includes the approach of film criticism, historical criticism, auteur criticism, semiotical criticism, sociological criticism, ideological criticism, psychoanalytic criticism and feminist criticism.

RTV 225  Cinema and Society

This course includes the relationship between cinema and society and its influence on films through currents and country cinemas.

RTV 230  Internet Broadcasting

Main and technical notions of internet broadcasting will be taught to the students.

RTV 240  Corporate Communication

Basic concepts of corporate communication, corporate communication activities performed for different purposes and for different stakeholders and basic principles to be considered in these activities are discussed.

RTV 250  Applied Workshop in Newswriting

In this course, basics and ethical notions of journalism, news making and writing process will be taught to the students.